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Melody(Mass preview) Melody(Mass preview)

Rated 5 / 5 stars

oh i guess i find the original track

haha, man youre literally in my eyes, a predecessor of nhato, with your own style on top. we have to collab, it's a must, you have the coolest progressions, and i know what you were going for on the grungy bass effect, man i can do that stuff flawlessly. xD. but anyway, i really like your stuff so far. some people might vote down for lack of equalization, but i dont even care about that stuff, its hard to even think of it while listening to this because it has so much emotion.

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D-Chain responds:

hey AB. its good to get compliments every now and you know when.
i dont really know Nhato.. i basically have my own ways of doing and composing/producing.

but the lack of equalization is negative cz it has lots and lots of equalizations on the sounds. tho, the percs and cymbals DO lack in equalization cz i really hate to do it.

besides, i dont care how long this journey is taking me untill im good enough to proof i am.

i also hate internet collabs bc of the lack of vst's / samples, and so on.. you dont have, and the other way around.

im glad you reviewed man :)
oh and if youre really that good then show me your grungy bass thingy.. haha xD

"Final Moments" "Final Moments"

Rated 4.5 / 5 stars

very nice

smiled when the strings came into play, im a sucker for orchestral , i could be wrong but the strings muffle out the piano, it's probably just my headphones, anyway it's nice, i would say i want to remix this but, theyre your ideas that i admire so keep me posted on it's development

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Pillars of Creation (WIP) Pillars of Creation (WIP)

Rated 3.5 / 5 stars

hey man

i went through a bunch of your music but i admire this piece so far because it shows you are beginning to focus on actual progression and simplicity of sounds and layering. the background arp is cool i like the notes and scales it's in but it sounds very fake and all the sounds only magnify that detail which makes it sound like a house song from the 80s lol. umm the pitch bending thing going on at the second half, i can imagine if u did work on replacing most of the sounds it would be a really nice groove more over so. ah yes that pitch bending, i can imagine an acoustic guitar string with portamento on mono playing the same notes with reverb and delay, over that bass would sound neat with the background arp. the background arp is kinda too fat sounding, maybe lower the voices of the oscillator and compress and duck it behind all the sounds more. the pad is nice too but it seems to be too high and clashes with the arp, try transposing one of the oscs an octave lower, what program do you produce with anyway?

PainasaurusRex responds:

Wow, that was a lot of information. So, first things first, the ending was like 5 minutes of thought, going to be removed. I'm pretty much fixing everything. Next, I do need to work on the bass, and I will try that, it sounds like it might help. I will take everything you said into consideration. Finally, I use FL Studios. :D